Aug 31



Welcome to the website. This website will introduce you to our BIBLICAL BASICS FOR MARRIAGE Ministries, and will also provide you with information, referrals, and testimonies for the seminars we offer.  It will explain why folks feel these seminars have blessed their relationships, and have been helpful for enriching marriages in their church.

Lots of information is available today on building cross-sexual and family relationships, but not many take folks through the biblical passages from Genesis to Revelation, to help folks discover God's plan for marriage. We use the teaching method to present these seminars, using a laptop and LCD projector for visuals. We have discovered that men will come and listen if they know they will not have to be involved in some kind of a support group. And since men are called to be the servant leaders in their homes, they need to come.

As you browse this site you will find four seminars covering topics on marriage, parenting and men's relationships. If one of these seminars should interest you, I encourage you to contact those listed in the referral section.  This will help you evaluate their impressions concerning the value of having a seminar in your church, at a retreat or during a camp. We would be delighted to talk with you about scheduling one of these seminars. You can discover how to get in touch with us in the FAQS section of this site.

God bless you as you serve Him.

In His Service,  J. Roger Anderson